Sunday, March 30, 2014

Movie " Ephraim and the Rescue"

Sunday- March 30, 2014,
Today we went to our Sacrament Meeting at 7:00 am because church starts at 8:00 am.  We went to all three block meetings and really enjoyed the spirit.  In the evening this man came and showed us the movie " Ephraim and the Rescue" in a Sociable.  He was the man with the white bread and it was so wonderful to here him answer questions after the movie was over about the way they filmed the movie. He told us about the snake in the movie, he said that they took the poison out of the snake then they let it crawl all over the man and his face.  It was a real rattle snake.  It took them two hours to film that part of the movie.  Boy I still don't think I could let a snake crawl over me.    Here is a picture of the white breaded man ( I don't remember his name) and Sister Harris.  He plays the older man and the younger man both.  It is an awesome movie, loved it.

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