Monday, March 17, 2014

Another special day

Monday- 17 March 2014,
We went at the Red Brick Store early this morning to do the Relief Society Re-enactment again for the Temple Missionaries.  We had 3 ladies that we lent pioneer dresses too.  They were Community of Christ Church and it was really neat this day.   We sang our song again and the sisters did the Relief Society Re-enactment and I don't know why but it was so spiritual.  Maybe because it was on the day of the Relief Society was organized, March 17, 1842 or that the Lord wanted those 3 ladies to feel the spirit but it was amazing.  Here are some pictures of the Re-enactment.
Here are the horses pulling the wagons.
There are about 16 or 18 horses.  These two horses that are black are always put together and the blond horses to the right are always put together.  They are used to each other and they work together well.
 Here are all the Sisters and Elder that were in the program.  Sister Harris is on the back row and the 4th Sister.
Elder and Sister Monney are going home in a few weeks, aren't they the cutest couple.

Sister and Elder Russell played a part in the program and this is the clothing the pioneers would have worn.

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