Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heaven in the Greenhouse

Tuesday- March 25, 2014,
Today is our Preparation Day today because Sister Harris has some special days to work in the gardens two days this week and 3 days next week.  I will be working on Thursdays transplanting flowers so they had to give us a different preparation day.  I am really excited to learn some tricks in transplanting flowers from Durell Nelson.  He is a hired missionary that has been over the grounds for 5 years in Nauvoo.  He is wonderful and everyone does what he says because his flowers are Awesome!!!

Thursday- March 27, 2014,
Well, Happy Birthday JB, you are 32 years old today.  Today I started working in the FM with Durell working in the soil and transplanting flowers into bigger pots. This is my first time in the greenhouse.  I just loved it there.  Also on March 28 I worked with the flowers.  Here are some pictures of me preparing the soil and planting flowers.
                                   I really did have a good time even if my face doesn't show it.
                                            Sister Harris, Sister Bogaski , and Sister Swapp 

Sister Thompson transplanting seedlings.  They are very tiny but I did learn how to transplant those tiny plants also.

Here are a full table that Sister Thompson transplanted.

              Here are some beautiful flowers in the               greenhouse.

I just loved working in the greenhouse.  This is the first time that I got to work in the greenhouse.  I usually are outside pulling weeds or cleaning up leaves around the grounds.  This was a special treat for me today.

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