Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Special Sunday Night

Sunday- March 16, 2014
We did all our meetings during the day and then in the evening, this man came and talked at the Stake Center about some special things of Joseph Smiths.  Here are the pictures of them.

                                    This is Joseph Smith's Thumb Bible with his original signature.
This is The first addition of the Book of Mormon that was Joseph Smiths.   It has a gold edge around the Book of Mormon.  This man that has collected all these special items let anyone that wanted to, hold them in their hands.  I wasn't there that night  but my good friend told me about it and gave me these pictures.  I felt bad I didn't go, it is so interesting.
                                 Here is the original Book of Mormon that was JOSEPH SMITH'S.

Common Sense
Genealogy in Tyndall Bible--Tyndall Bible- 1611
Joseph Smith's Bible
 Heber C. Kimball's wife made this in 1837, it is a rug or wall hanging.  It is the Heber C. Kimball's home.  It is so cool to have these original items and to think how old they are. What a great Mission We are in,  Illinois Nauvoo Mission, I feel so blessed.

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