Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our first Training Meeting

Wednesday- 19 March 2014,
The Training Meeting starts at 8:00 am and this was our first training meeting that Elder and Sister Harris was doing.  It turned out to be pretty good.  At the end we had three small skits that I had Sister Ririe and Sister Jones (3) do for me.  Everyone just loved them all.  It was so good to show how we as older Missionaries could help the new Missionaries feel more comfortable when they arrive in Nauvoo.  At the end Sister Harris sang a solo which the Lord blessed me.  The Missionaries said it was really good.  The new Missionaries will be arriving Friday March 21, 2013.  I hope we can all help them feel comfortable with this Mission.

Friday- 21 March 2014,
We had 32 couple Missionaries arrive this day and we made sure that all the District Leaders had two cans of soup and a homemade loaf of bread which Elder Bogaski made.

Saturday- 22 March 2014,
Happy 8th Birthday Porter Harris our Grandson.  He will be Baptized by his father, Spencer James Harris in the first Saturday in May.  We are sorry we won't be there since we are on our Mission but we are so proud of Porter for making the decision to be Baptized.

Sunday- 23 March 2014,
We had District Meetings in the evening at Elder and Sister Mayne's home.  It was a small home but we had plenty of room to enjoy each other.  Their were 3 districts that met in the home together because some of the new Missionaries were still coming that were in these districts.

Monday-24 March 2014.
We were so surprised when we woke up to more snow. We are tired of snow and want Spring to arrive.  Here are some beautiful pictures of the snow.

Here is Emma and Joseph Smith

                                  The poor geese that just flew in don't know where to go.

The Left upper picture is the Mississippi River, the Right upper picture is a beautiful view of the Nauvoo Temple.   All these pictures are breath taking, how beautiful the snow is.

 Here is the  water coming down the hill side to the Mississippi River.  This was after a rain storm.  It flooded the 96 river road and we had to wait for a little while, while they cleaned the water off the road. It is amazing of the different weather you get here.

                                         A different view of main street, it is snowing.
                 This is a picture of main street in old Nauvoo. Here is the Browning Gun Site.
              Some couple made a snowman. They put on one of her cute hates she makes.
     Here is the sled that we ride in the snow.  The horses pull this sleigh around in the country.

                           It is so cold you can see the icicles formed around the branches.
Look how thick the ice is.....

   Here are some barns and homes to show how cold it has been this winter.

                                                      Is Spring coming?
                                                 I don't think so!!!!!
                                          or maybe it is Spring and a beautiful Sunset!!!

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