Friday, March 7, 2014

A Sad Day!!

Friday- March 7, 2014
This was the Harris' first Early Morning Farewell Breakfast that we were in charge off, it started at 7:00 am. Elder Harris conducted the Breakfast and Program.   It is so sad when so many Missionaries leave the Mission Field.  Here are some of the Missionaries that are leaving.
Elder & Sister Hansen
Sister & Elder Germer- So Musical !!

Left- Upper- Sister & Elder Boyle, and to the right upper- Sister & Elder Reidhead, Left picture Sister & Elder Monney.

                                        Dr. or Elder Miller and his wife are also leaving
This is the St. Patrick Decoration on the tables.
Sister Owen, Sister Murray, Sister McCann, Sister Jones 
These Missionaries are staying on their mission until Aug, Sept, and Oct.

                                            Sister and Elder White

Elder and Sister Gneiting
                                            Sister Excell  her husband his somewhere
Sister Hoen, Sister Davis, and Sister Redd
Here the Missionaries that are leaving are doing their Good-Bye skit. Then we sing our Farewell Song and that's when it gets hard when we all wave Good-Bye.

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