Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Talent Show

Tuesday- April 1, 2014,
Today I think of my father who past away three years ago today. My father Robert Brimhall Jensen didn't know me the last two years of his life.  He knew my husband Jim Harris but not me. I still went as often as I could to see him in a Nursing Home in Spanish Fork.  He was a good man  and took our family to the Temple to be sealed when I was 19 years old.
    In the evening Elder Harris and I went to watch the Talent Show, it was so good. Here are a few of the Talents in the Mission field.
                They sang the song "Sisters" but they pointed to their name tags that says "Sisters"
                                      Sister Maughan, Sister Hufstetler, Sister Salcido
The song was done very clever and cute.  The Talent Show is to see who they choose to do their Talent in the Sunset by the Mississippi in the summer months.

                       Elder Russell played an Native American Flute.  He was really good.
          Sister and Elder Stevens singing a really cute song and Elder Fuellenbach played his guitar.
                                               They are quite the swingers!!!
                                        Sister Strong played the Piano really well.
                 Elder Thornock, Elder Scott, Sister Duncan, Elder Phillippi, Sister McCann,
                                                       Elder Jones(Vet.Dr.)
                                       Sister and Elder Russell- Did a Reading together.
Elder Russell acted out while his wife told the Reading.
                                     Elder Ballard playing his Harmonica, he is really good.
                                           Sister Buchei acting out a reading, really cute.
                                              Sister Gillespie doing a reading, she is a riot.
Elder Excell is a good singer and played his guitor.
                   Sister & Elder Allen did What's on 1st. and Who's on 2nd.  It was fixed to fit the Missionary Theme.

 Elder Tuckett- sang,  Elder Taylor sang and played the guitar, Elder Fullenbach played banjo.
President & Sister Jones and Sister & Elder Bowen sang the cutest song.
                                                    Walking off the stage.

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