Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The week of Oct. 15 to 20, 2013

Tuesday- Oct. 15, 2013
We served at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail today.  In the evening we did two shows of Rendezvous.  Elder & Sister Harris did Noah and Sophia Packer and we have done 33 times tonight of Noah and Sophia.  We also have done 69 shows of Rendezvous since we have been here in Nauvoo.  I can't believe how times flies when your having fun.

Wednesday- Oct. 16, 2013
Today we had a tour of 49 adults of the Community of Christ come to the Carthage Jail and visitor center.  It was great to talk with them.  They believe everything about Joseph Smith except the Temple work and for the died. Elder Harris gave them the tour but they wouldn't take a guest card and have the missionaries come and teach them about the gospel, of course.

Thursday- Oct. 17, 2013
This week we have had busy days with bus tours.  In the evening we drove to Nauvoo so I can practice the songs in the Messiah.  The community is putting on the Messiah this Christmas.  They haven't done for a few years.  It is a mixture of many different religions but the leader is LDS and is a recorder in the temple. Boy, he can really sing.  He sings high or low whatever fits and is going to play in the orchestra.  I am excited but we are only singing five songs out of the Messiah book. I can practice in Oct. and Nov. but when it gets to Dec. I will probably miss some practices because I have to do Rendezvous some of those practice nights.

Friday- Oct. 18, 2013
Today we had three bus tours.  We had about 358 people visit us at Carthage Jail and Visitor Center today.  It was fun to talk with so many people but sometimes you wonder have those people been through the jail or waiting to see the jail.  We show a film about 18 minutes then show the jail which is about 20 minutes.  It was a very spiritual and up lifting day.

Saturday- Oct. 19, 2013
We had two bus tours today but I had a very special experience happen to me.  One of the tours had about 60 people in their tour.  One man was a non-member but his wife was a member of our church.  They have been on a history tour so they had been to Palmyra, New York.  Every where this man had been he asked people what the ghost story was in that place.  Well, he was asking me outside what is the ghost story of the jail.  I told him, " their were not ghost stories."  He said don't lie to me I know you know some ghost stories.  So I took him into the Carthage Visitor Center and showed him Joseph's reflection in the kitchen area in the jail from the window of the visitor center.  When it is a cloudy day you can see Joseph in the window of the jail and in the summer kitchen that was built on in 1850 you can see Hyrum standing in the door.  Their are pictures in the visitor center that go through the windows and somehow shows in the jail window.  It gives you chills and so I showed him how the pictures reflects into the jail and he was thrilled to see them.  After a while the man over the tour group or bus driver came in and gave me a hug because I was the answer to 60 peoples prays.  They were thrilled that I solved the ghost story that the man had been hunting for. Little did I even realize that I was solving a problem they were having with that man.  I hope he won't be asking anymore questions about the ghost story.  It was great that I was the instrument to answering so many prayers.  Here is a picture of what you see. It's not real clear but it is so cool to walk from the office room and their Joseph is in the window in the jail, you have to love it.
Sunday- Oct. 20, 2013
We left early because Elder Harris had to bless the sacrament.  We had a great Sacrament meeting and Sunday School Class and Relief Society.  And then we had to hurry to Carthage to open the Jail and Visitor Center by 12:30 pm.  We had Elder and Sister Ballard with us today.  They have been called to serve with us for the winter.  The Taye's have moved to Nauvoo to serve in the sites there.  We also had District meetings this evening at the Ballards home. A full day we had today and I'm tired.

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