Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Fun Mission

Thursday- Oct. 10, 13
This is our preparation day and we got up early and went to the Temple then drove to Burlington to do some shopping.  We also started packing at the Bushnell House- the Mansion.  I really love this place but I know I have to leave.  The home we are moving into, the furnace doesn't work.  We have been waiting for the missionary to come and fix it.  That is what the missionary's call is to work on air conditioning and furnaces while he is on his mission.  He hadn't come for a few weeks because he thought no one was leaving in it.  Well, we also have the dryer drum not turning.   We are waiting for someone to come and work on that also.  So I did a lot of washing and drying in the mansion so I could have it done.  We moved a few things into the house this day.

Friday- Oct. 11,2013
We really have a lot of families coming to the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.  The children are out of school for a few days so people have been traveling to see the sites.  I think we had over 200 people visit this day and then we had to drive to Nauvoo to do our Rendezvous.  We did our Noah and Sophia tonight and we had to do two shows.  Their are a lot of bus tours this week and next week's schedule.  The visitors said they just loved the program.  They had a good time and laughed a lot.  We have people coming to the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail and are always saying " weren't you in the play last night?" We say "yes" and they tell us how much they enjoy us couples performing like we do.  They all want to come to Nauvoo on missions, it looks like so much fun. But I have to tell you, we work really hard but when we have a free night we like to relax at home.

Here we are doing the Rendezvous on Friday night.  This is just a few sisters in our cast.  We have three different cast because their are so many couples here on a mission.
Here are the sisters ready to go do the last song in Rendezvous.  Sister Harris second one from the right.    I want you to noticed I crocheted my rap that I have on.  All these sisters are so much fun to perform with in the play.

Saturday- Oct. 12, 2013
I think we had over 250 people visit the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail today my feet are sore tonight.  We have such up lifting tours with the spirit so strong I just love it here.  I start the tape in the Martyrdom room and the spirit just feels my soul.  I almost feel like John Taylor is their singing the song that he sings.  It is so powerful as you hear the song and then listen to the story of the Martyrdom.  It is a very tender moment.  I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God.  I am so glad I live in this dispensation and how much I love Christ for what he has done for me.  The world is a beautiful place to live.  Our daughter Kisti-Jo sent us these beautiful pictures of Autumn leaves in Utah.

Our grandson Jens Christensen took this picture of the water fall.  He did a really good job!!
                                               Aren't these pictures breath taking!!!!!
Kisti and Matt's children all ready to go to school the first day.
Joey, Charity, and Jens Christensen- Cute Grandchildren!!

 They are prettier than my leaves here in Illinois but I think the Autumn season is later this year.  The trees are just starting to turn to there color.  This one is across the street from the mansion house where I did live.   It is the most beautiful bright tree that I have seen here.

                This is so showy for a large bright red tree.  It certainly catches your eye.

Sunday- Oct. 13, 2013
Boy, this day I was up at 5:00 am so I could be at Nauvoo by 7:00 am to practice in the choir because we were singing today in Sacrament Meeting.  It was just like we had angels singing with us.  President Condie, the Temple President said we sounded like we were the Tabernacle Choir.  Boy, that was a compliment.  President Condie is leaving at the first of November and I'm going to miss him, he is awesome!!!   After all our meetings, we left at 11:00 am to drive to Carthage.  We didn't have to work today at the visitor center so we just stayed home and relaxed, a day of rest.
We got out of the house and went for a walk.
                                                           This is what we saw.
Here is the soybeans being put in a truck, cool huh!!
                                  Here are some more pictures.
                        This is what we saw as we walked down the road by the lake and golf course.                                                 It is beautiful here in some areas.
                                 This is looking through the trees to the lake.

 Here are the deer just looking at us.  This doe and her fawn just stood there watching us take their pictures.


Then the two deer got nervous and started to run into the trees!!

We were walking around the golf course on a sidewalk when we saw these deer.  A lady came out of the golfers building  and said we were walking on privet property and we had to get off the side walk because there were golfers that were golfing.  I guess if we had paid we could have walked on the side walk.  She said we could walk on the road but not the golfers sidewalk.  We told her we were sorry, we didn't know, and left.
                                  This is poison Summac climbing the tree.  It is cool looking!!

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