Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Times

Tuesday- Oct. 22, 2013
We had Sister Duncan and Sister Sanders come from Nauvoo to serve with us at Carthage Visitor Center & Jail.  They were a great help because it didn't take them long to do the tours.  I think they both had been here before.  I think we also had a tour bus today.  It is fun to meet so many people visiting these days.  There is such a great spirit here all the time giving tours. In the evening we drove to Nauvoo to do Rendezvous and the Paystrups did the Noah and Sophia tonight for the first time.   They did a really good job.  We only had one show tonight.

Wednesday- Oct. 23, 2013
Today is Elder and Sister Ballard's preparation day.  We had Sister Bowen, Sister Harper, and Elder & Sister Fuellenbach come from Nauvoo to serve with us today.  Sister Harper is the sister to Stephanie Jack, my hair dresser in Blanding.   She is a new missionary that just arrived here weeks ago.  It was fun to get to know her better.   I took some pictures of the Autumn leaves.  Here they are.   We were driving around Carthage since the leaves have started changing so you could see the Autumn leaves here in Illinois.

         These pictures are driving around the lake and golf course.  The leaves are pretty well done here.

These are leaves as we drive around the roads.

A close up of this tree.

This red brush is my house we live in.  It is right by the grounds by the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.
            These to autumn leaves are so beautiful.  The Carthage Jail is behind the orange/red tree.
              This is the fence that goes all around the land of the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.
These beautiful red trees are behind the Church where we go attend our Sacrament Meetings in Nauvoo.

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