Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Busy Sunday

Sunday- Oct. 6,2013
We went to church at 8:00 am and we don't have to hurry because President Gilliland saves the couples that drive from Carthage our sits.  We just have to walk in and sit down on a bench that is up close to the front, awesome.  We did all three hours and then had to hurry to Carthage Visitor Center and Jail because we were on today.   We start at 12:30 pm and go until 5:00 pm.   We had Elder and Sister Hufsteller come today to help us.  We have couples come from Nauvoo every day now or the older single sister come two at a time.  The Taye's have been called to go back to Nauvoo because they have served here for six  months.  When they came on their mission they were sent to Carthage and have not ever done the sites in Nauvoo.  I am excited for them but we have become quite close and we will miss them but they are in our cast so we will see them twice a week.  I will get a picture of them so you can see what they look like.  Elder and Sister Ballard have been assigned to come to Carthage and I am excited about that.  We have done things with the Ballard's and they are a lot of fun.  They will be moving into the Tayes home which I wanted but that is where they were told they would be moving so we will move into a much smaller home with two bedrooms.  The Taye's home has four bedrooms and the washer and dryer are up stairs in a washing room.  I will have to go to the basement to do my washing but just think I will get more exercise but she still is little than I am.
  In the evening we went back at 7:00 pm to President Condie's devotional.  He will be leaving from being the Nauvoo Temple President next month.  He has been serving for three years. He is the best speaker.   He has you laughing the whole time, what a great man he is.

Monday- Oct. 7, 13
Here we had Sister Mendenhall and Sister Monney came to serve at Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.   A lot started happening because people came and dug holes on all four corners of the jail because they were checking to make sure the foundation was in good condition.  They had to dig through cement and dig deep holes to check the foundation.  They also cut holes in all the rooms in  the top and bottom part of the jail to check to see what condition it was in.  Would the jail stand up if we had a earth quake?  How good of condition is it?  Well, I think it past at least the foundation did.  It is really built very strong and if we have a tornado the jail is where we go.  We have had to show tours in this mess with dust all over.  They did cover artifacts that were in the jail.   Lucky thing is that they could check in the attic what condition the wood was in and didn't have to mess up the Martyrdom Room.   Even with all the noisy machines going on you could still feel the spirit in the  Martyrdom Room.

Tuesday- Oct. 8, 13
 Things were cleaned up better today.  This man came and I helped his family with their pictures so he took one of Elder and Sister Harris's picture and text it to me.   Here is the picture.

In the evening we went to Nauvoo to do our Rendezvous but we didn't have to do Noah and Sophia.   We will do that on Friday night.  O, I forgot to tell you that last week we have a new assignment.  We are learning a new part, it is Jed and Annie.  We have to have our parts learned by November because the couple that is doing that part now will be going home.  Boy, I hope I can get it down.  We won't being doing Noah and Sophia much any more after November.  Well, it is late and I must go to bed.  The Gospel is true and I love you!!!!

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