Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moving day again!!

Monday- Oct. 14, 2013
We had this day as a preparation day because on Thursday which is our normal day off we had two bus tour groups.  We don't have anyone that knows the tours really well to help us so we had to work on Thursday.  Since we had Monday off we moved into our small home.  In the afternoon about 5:30 pm we went on a walk.
                                              These pictures are the front room.
 This one is from the front door.  The kitchen you can see slightly.  We had to move the table in the front room because when you open the back door you have to move the table over and when you get in the frig you have to move the table toward the door. We had a small table but our neighbors, Sister Ballard, traded tables because she felt guilty because she moved into the house I wanted and it has four bedrooms and a washer and dryer in its own room. She also has a conference room with a grand piano in it.  She plays the piano so that is really a good home for her.   My washer and dryer are in the basement again.  She really does have the nicer home.  The president wanted us in this house because if the security system goes off.   Salt Lake will call us at this home and we have to go check out the jail or visitor center at any time day or night.
This is at one end of the front room.  It is nice for me to put things on it and inside this cabinet.
                                      Elder Harris's lap top is in the front room.
Here is the picture of the kitchen from the front room door. The table was below the window. It is not too bad of a room but I have a hard time, where to put all the food we have because I had a pantry and now I don't.  Here are some more pictures of the kitchen.

  This is a cardboard that is by the back door. This is wear we put a lot of our food and medicines.
                                   This is our bathroom, you can see it is very small.
 Our bedroom but Elder Harris has to use the other bed rooms closet because this one is so small.
           My cloths and stuff.  Elder Harris is nice to let me have the closet in the bedroom.

                                    This is our bed, the room is small but it is nice.

 This is where I do my face and hair because the bathroom isn't big enough for two people.
 This is the second bedroom that Elder Harris uses the closet but if we have visitors we have an extra bed.
                 You can see this is my computer desk and my sewing desk, tiny room.  I miss my BIG apartment in the Bushnell Manson.

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