Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meet the Cousins

Monday- Oct. 21, 2013
Today was a fun day.  I was walking outside to get a couple and her daughter to come in and join a group in the film.  She looked at me and said, "Is you name Beverly?" I said, "yes".  It was Marilyn Chipman's daughter, Kristi Chipman Anderson.  I haven't seen her since she was about 18 years old.  What a surprise because she didn't know I was on a mission and here I was at Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.   It was someone else's turn to do the tour so I didn't get too.  After the tour they came in and visited with me.  It was so fun.  Here is a picture of them.
Here is Courtney Anderson, Kristi's daughter and she is going on a mission to California. Kristi Chipman Anderson is in the middle and Sister Harris. Kristi's mother Marilyn Chipman is my first cousin.  Kristi's husband was there also but not in the picture his name is Justin Anderson. They were so thrilled to see me it made it a special day, Thanks Kristi.

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  1. I really enjoy following your mission. Thanks for sharing.