Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rendezvous-Friday Night

Friday- Oct. 4, 2013
We served at Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.  We are having quite a view people coming at this time.  We are having buses bringing people on History Tours.  The buses are mostly from Utah and Idaho and a few people are from California.   It is so fun to meet people and It was fun when this family knew my sister Darla Bakker in Idaho Falls.
     In the evening we did Rendezvous and it was sad because we had out MTC group that were with us for six months leaving in a few days.  This was their last time doing Rendezvous.  It will be so different when their not with us.  Here are some pictures of that night.

Sister Thornock, Sister Broadbent, Sister Bennett- is going home, Sister Harris.  These are the hats we wear in the last song that we see in Rendezvous.
 This is in the green room where we meet before we perform.  We practice our songs and get ready to start the program.  My white hat is what we wear when we sing "Welcome to Nauvoo" and " Streets".  Sister Brockbank takes all these pictures with her phone and emails them to me.  She is so much fun.  Sister is in the middle of Elder & Sister Brough below.  The Brough's mission ends because they were only called for six months.  They are so much fun and we will miss them.  They left yesterday or the day before.
                            This was taken behind the Scovil Bakery's place in Nauvoo.

This is Sister Nagel showing us how to spin wool.  Elder and Sister Nagel do the flowers and lawns at Carthage Visitor Center and Jail.  They were only called for six months.  They left today, Tuesday- Oct. 8, 2013.  Elder and Sister Harris will be moving into their place in the next week.  The carpets are being cleaned before we move in.  We will take pictures later when we move in.

 We have been having great tours at the Carthage Jail and the spirit is there all the time.  It is amazing how we have the spirit with us ever time we take people up in the Martyrdom room, love it.

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  1. Love your blog. Gary and Dorine Eberhard are on a Church History tour through Mexico and South America. They are thinking of going on another mission.