Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Final Count Down

Wednesday-- April 17, 2013

Well, today is another day where we get up in front of a group. We are to talk about an artifact that we brought with us and tie it into the gospel.  So I chose my family's book that our daughter Kisti-Jo had made for us this last Christmas.  The rest of the family sent her all the pictures of their families to put in it.    I just love our family and I am so grateful that we can be together forever. I am grateful that we enjoy each other, we play together, we work together, and we so love each other.
Elder Harris and I were of course companions doing this together.  We talked about our family being married in the Temple and how we can be with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  When you look at Jesus Christ in the Nauvoo Visitor Center, his arms are out, it is like he is saying to you, Come unto me and into my arms.  I just love the Christus.   The Christus is on what they call a Gift Card you give to visitors.

We are done at noon and so we went to Kimberly's house to pack up our things and started driving to Nauvoo.  Kim was there before she went back to work to say good-by.  Tami and Kyler came over to help us pack and say good-by.  Until then I realized that we really are going to be gone for 18 Months.

We had seen some of the children at nights off and on in the evenings while we were in the MTC. Because of the snow and bad weather on I-80 we decided to go I-70.  We drove to Grand Junction and since we still had time in the evening we drove on.  We stayed at Glenwood Spring and it was a beautiful place.

The next day--Thursday April 18, 2013

We drove out of town and went past the Hot Springs that people go swimming in because of the cold weather it had steam coming out of it.  As we got upon top of the mountain to Vial Pass there was a accident and we stayed there with no place to go for under 2 hours. Then we drove all day as far as we could go then stopped and stayed at Salina, Kansas.

Now it was Friday--April 19, 2013

We thought we could drive the rest of the way to Nauvoo, Illinois but it was still along drive.  We were driving to Keokuk from the south end when Pres. Gilliland called us, our Mission President and said the roads were closed where we were going and we should go to Quincy, Illinois and get over the Mississippi River to stay there and get up in the morning and drive to Nauvoo by 9:00 am.

We are driving over the Mississippi River.   We were glad to get on the other side of the river then we will drive up to Nauvoo on that side of the river.
Here is where we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Quincy, Illinois. Jim thinks the lady that helped us is a relative to him.   Her maiden name was Washburn and her family live's across from Nauvoo.  She was not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so he gave her a Pedigree chart of the Washburns.  
                                                      This is the front of the motel.

This is our new car that we bought to fit all our stuff in to travel to Nauvoo.

While we were in Quincy we drove around and looked at some beautiful homes.
Here are some pictures we took of cool homes in Quincy Illinois--Enjoy, there Awesome!!
Isn't this a Beautiful home!
The people in Quincy were really good to the Mormons. I love this home.
                                                     Another red brick home- Big Home
All these homes are within three or four blocks.
                                                           Another yellow home.
This one at the front door looks like a mansion but then they all do!
Interesting entrance- reminds me of Brother Lark Washburn with his rock arches.
A different looking home.
 Boy! This one is a large home..
                  Spencer maybe you could have bought one of these homes as your new home, Wow!!
At least Spencer you wouldn't have to cut down a lot of trees.

This home looks smaller until you look at the side view.
Here is the side view.   The Quincy people have really fixed up these beautiful homes.  Well It is getting late and time for missionaries to be a sleep- So Enjoy!!


  1. So you did have to go to Hannibal and over the toll bridge anyways! haha, oh well at least it was safer. I'm going to try to call you later tonight! love ya tons

  2. So do you guys have a certain email that you want us to send letters to, or an address that we can mail letters to you? Hope everything is going well. Miss you guys

    Love Spencer, Jackson, Porter

  3. Kisti, we didn't have to pay a toil fee at all to cross over the Mississippi River to Quincy. I am going to put on some of the really beautiful homes we looked at in Quincy. Thanks for writting to us sorry I didn't look on my blog for messages but I will do better, love you all, Elder & Sister Harris.

    Spencer, Here is our e-mail,, Our address is, Elder James & Sister Beverly Harris
    Illinois Nauvoo Mission
    P.O. Box 215
    Nauvoo, Illinois, 62354
    I hope you enjoy my blog- We are so happy when you write.

    Ken & Tami and family thanks so much for e-mailing us. It was so good to hear from you. We had our talent show and Dad sang with me.
    I think we sounded quite good. We sang, " If the Savior stood beside me." Then we had to read a script, at least 1 page. We haven't heard if we got a part yet but the others that listened to us said we would probably for sure to get a couple part in the Rendezvous at Old Nauvoo. I'm not sure I want a big part. I hope I can memorize my part. Love you tons, all our children, Dad & mom