Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elder Harris' Birthday!

April 27, 2013- Saturday
Hi, Today was a good day for Elder Harris because  he had a  69th Birthday today. Happy Birthday, Elder Harris.  Kisti called and we Skyped.  It was so good to see the family.  We are gone all the time but if you send me a text I'm getting pretty good at it.  Here are some pictures of Elder and Sister Harris in our site clothes.  We did two sites in the afternoon after our morning training.  It is scary but
fun to learn about all these places.  This is Saturday April 27, 2013.  
                        This is Sister Harris in the clothes Kisti made me in front of our house.

Here is the Birthday Elder in his site cloths

Elder Harris is wearing the vest that Loni made.  Thanks for everyone's
 help to get us in the mission field.
We have made some good friends, the Hardings came over to bring Elder Harris some pop for his Birthday Gift, they are so nice.  They were in our District at the MTC.
Tomorrow, we are both in the Family Living Center.  That is the place were a lot of people come to make a rope, Bake bread, learn how to make candles, weaving, spinning wool and how to make linen from flax, and a couple of more things to do.  We go there after out church meetings. Their is one more couple beside us to show all these things to do.  I hope I can remember what I need to teach and give a spiritual message. Well, It is getting late, talk to you later, good-night.


  1. Happy Birthday Dad! Sorry I didn't call. My phone died and I don't have internet at the new house yet. Hope you had a fun day. Oh, and I bought a truck.
    Love you guys.

  2. You two look very nice! I like your hat, Jim.