Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arrived in Nauvoo!

Saturday- April 20, 2013

We arrived in Nauvoo about 9:10 am.   Elder Thomas drove us and some other missionaries around
Nauvoo.  He showed us which home we would be in. Here is our home--

We are the only one's in this house, it is small but it is special to us.  We walked into the Kitchen and

this is what we saw.  Scissors Art work from Ada Rigby isn't that the coolest thing.  Who would know we would be in a place that a Blanding person's art work would be.  I will show some more pictures.

We have 3 Magnolia Trees in our back yard.
This is the front of the house. Yes we have a lot of steep steps  to climb. I hope this will keep my weight down since I gained in the MTC.  We have a basement and that is were the washer and dryer are but we do have a fairly good size bathroom down there.  Here are some pictures of the inside.
Our Front room- Nice Home
Our Kitchen - pretty good size, the table is opposite the cupboards.
Our stairs that go's up stairs to 2 bedrooms and a small bathroom.
This is our bedroom, it is really very nice big room.
Our small bathroom the tub/shower to the right.
                   This is the extra bedroom- I took Jed's quiet with us so we could give it back
                   to him when he comes to visit us since he only lives 5 hours away in Wisconsin.
This is the back door and yard, although we have a big back yard.    We are wondering if we have to mow this whole thing.    I understand we only have to mow around the house and the FM will mow the rest, I hope.


  1. Very cute Bev! It looks bigger than that house I lived in in Logan with 5 girls! You and Jim should be ok ;)

  2. Loni and JB, I just thought you would enjoy knowing that Winslow Farr's home we are in, his wife's name was Olive. They have a book here so we can read about the couple that built and lived in this home. It was restored so it would look like a Nauvoo home. It is a cute little home. I am amazed that you had 5 girls living in a home as small as this one but we do enjoy our home.Good to hear from you. love ya Dad & Mom. When you write to us be sure you don't send letters to Grandpa & Grandma Harris, we won't get them. We work really hard to call each other Elder and Sister no Brother Harris. Good-Night!!!

  3. That was very interesting to see one of Ada's paper cuttings right there in Nauvoo! It looks like a wonderful mission.