Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mission Training Center Experiences

April 10, 2013

We went to our classes and learn how to be a good missionary. What wonderful talks we heard and we did have some frightening experiences. We had to get up in front as couples and show how we would practice sharing the gospel with others.

We stayed in an motel because the MTC was full of couples and single missionaries.  I had sat the first day by an older single sister, Sister Redd to help her feel comfortable being there.  She ended up in my district and I was thrilled she was there.  She was very hard to get to know because she didn't talk much. Her companion was Sister Dennis and they were staying in the same motel as we were.  Each day we drove to the MTC we would see Sister Dennis and she was waiting for a transport bus to the MTC so one day we ask her if she would like a ride to the MTC, of course she also was in our district.  We asked her how come she wasn't going with her companion to the MTC.  She said,"that Sister Redd gets up early and uses the bathroom and then leaves and doesn't invite her to ride with her."  I couldn't believe what I was hearing so we invited her every day to ride with us.  Sister Redd was going to the Nauvoo Mission and Sister Dennis was going to Alburquerque Mission to work in the office there.  They didn't have much in common  but Sister Redd was a lonely women and didn't have much communication.

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