Monday, April 8, 2013

Day one at MTC--April 8, 2013

Hi-- at one o'clock this afternoon, we had a  meeting with the Mission Training Center Presidency.  One of the counselors is Jim Hacking from Blanding.  We all had to introduce ourselves and so Elder Jim Harris mentioned that he was President Hacking's cousin. Then the President called me up to bare my testimony and to tell stories about Jim Hacking,  He is several years younger than I so  I had nothing salacious to tell.  I just bore my testimony and after the meeting had a nice visit with Jim.  I told the president that "whatever happens in Blanding stays in Blanding."  He laughed.

We really have had a pretty good day. We have met lots of good down to earth farm type people.  There are 44 couples here going to Nauvoo and about a dozen going to the Handcart Mission in Wyoming.  The MTC president remarked on this emphasis on historical sites as all missions are pleading for more couples.  That's all for now--goodnight.

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