Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our First Sunday

Sunday- April 21, 2013

We have our Sacrament Meeting at 8:00 am and we tried to be there by 7:00 am so we could sit in the chapel because DeNene said, " If we wait to late we will sit way in the back."  We have about 207 missionaries and in a month when the summer activities start we will have 240 or so missionaries.  We have been learning our songs and dances to go with the young performing missionaries.  Sunday after Sacrament Meeting we drove to the Visitor Center for Sunday School Lesson and Relief Society Class.  It was great but we didn't have to do sites yet because we are still being trained for our Nauvoo Mission.  This Friday and Saturday in the afternoon will be in the sites.  Friday I will go to the Heber C. Kimball's home.  Elder Harris will be going to the Blacksmith site.   Saturday I will be going to the Family Living Center, working with baking, quilts, making rope, and making rugs.  I hope I can learn all the things I will be doing in this site.   Elder Harris on Saturday will be at the Gun Site.   I don't think we will be in these sites alone, we will have another companion.

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  1. The old homes here in the east are just lovely! Glad you made it alright and have a small house of your own. Love you.