Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Missionary Training

April 26, 2013

Hi, we are still having training from Mission President and Wife.  They are really neat people.  In the afternoons we go to sites for training.  Today I went to Blacksmith and Sister Harris went to Heber C. Kimball.   I then joined her at 3 pm in Family Living.  That site has every thing from bread making to weaving to rope making.  I can do the rope making all right but the coopering (this is making barrels) is a little beyond me.  Tomorrow afternoon I go to the Browning Gun Shop and Sister Harris goes back to the Family Living Center.

Yesterday we went shopping--our preparation day--we went to Cantril Iowa to buy a black Mennonite hat to beworn in the shows.  I love hats so that was ok with me.  This was more than a hat store--food stuffs, etc.  They even had some veggies and flowers, so we now have anice hanging plant sitting in a pot on our step.  I wanted to try tomatoes but we are really restricted on what we can plant.  We then went on to another little town where we were supposed to buy a straw hat.  We never found the place so we came home without the hat.  We did find a Shop-co and a grocery store so we really helped the local economy in those stores.

It is difficult to see the Mississippi River in flood and know that we are in drought a home.  Keep praying for the missionaries (us).   Bye--Elder Harris

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