Monday, August 1, 2016

A Tender Moment

August 2016,

This spiritual experience happened in the summer of 2016 and I can't remember the exact date.  That is why you need to write these moments down when they are fresh in your mind.

I kept walking past this mother and her two daughters several times before I stopped and talked with her.  They were waiting on the cough to go into do baptisms and conformations.  She told me that her oldest daughter got cancer and she had made a goal to go to every temple in Utah before she dies. After her funereal the mother and two daughters drove to Monticello Temple because that was the only temple her daughter didn't make it to.  So the completion of her daughters goal was done by her two sisters. With tears in all our eyes we could feel her daughter's presents.  What a building of testimonies that day and those two sisters were so thrilled to be here for their sister. These are stories that build my testimony and how close we all feel to the spirits on the other side.  This calling is a wonderful calling and many experiences that strengthen me.

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