Friday, June 10, 2016

Blake/Nielson's Wedding

Friday- 10 June 2016

At 11:00 am Dylan Blake and Generra Nielson were sealed in the Monticello Utah Temple by President James J. Harris.  It was a beautiful wedding and the message President Harris gave them was touching to my heart.   I am sure that Calvin Blake who was Dylan's grandfather had past away several years ago was there for that special occasion.  Dylan loved his grandfather and was over to his home all the time.  Our back yards are together and we always saw Dylan at Calvin and VerDonne Blake's home.  Now another touching situation was that Generra's mother died of cancer a few years  ago also and I'm sure she was there also.  Generra was her only daughter and had been married before and was divored  but now she has found a wonderful young man to be sealed too.   The couple stayed strong until they left the sealing room and then they broke down so Sister Yabrough took them to the Celestial Room to get controlled before they went back to walk outside of the temple. Generra had a boy and girl by her first husband but when Dylan walked outside the temple that little boy, Brayz ran to Dylan and said, "Your my daddy now".  Generra's daughter, Armanii was with her aunt and had a beautiful white dress that was out of the same material that Generra's wedding dress was made out of.   I will always remember the joy in their eyes, such a happy couple. Dylan had gone on a mission before his grandpa Calvin died of cancer.  He had a hard time and came home early from his mission and he fell away from the church for  a while.  We were so proud of him to come back to Blanding and changed his life and became active in the church again. That is when he met Generra and the two have just hit it off.  What a wonderful couple they are and her two children look just like they are Dylan's children in there announcement pictures they both have his blue eyes.

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