Saturday, June 25, 2016

Special Own Endowment from Moab

Saturday- 25 June 2016

Alexis Marie Kim Risenhoover was from Moab and was receiving her own Endowment.  When her and her mother came into the Monticello Utah Temple Alexis said," this is the one that spoke in conference recently you were so good."   It was such an honor to be the one to be with her this day.   Alexis is Sister Cook's Granddaughter what an experience with her.  Sister Cook is an Ordinance Worker in the Monticello Utah Temple.  Alexis and her mother where so close to the spirit receiving her own endowment.  She just cried and cried they tell me that all the Cook's family were in the prayer circle but two couples. This experience really strengthens my testimony and the spirit is so very close it brings such joy!!  When  I gave the Garment Instruction she was so happy and trilled to hear the spiritual message and to wear her garments. I just love these special experience as I serve as assistant to the Matron, what an honor and blessing.

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