Friday, August 5, 2016

A touching story

Thursday- 5 August 2016,

Kimberly Alexander Young  came to the Monticello Utah Temple to receive her own Endowment on Thursday Night. She will do this with her maiden name, Alexander.   Here is her story she had been Baptized two months before her husband died.  She wasn't very active and her husbands parents were not active at that time so it was really hard on all the family when he passed away.  Her husband died on Oct. 8, 2015 and one year later will be the day when she will be sealed in the temple to her husband.   Her father-in-law will be  proxy for her husband to receive his own Endowment that day then she will be sealed on her husband's death date and their two children 14 and 12 or might be different ages will be sealed to their parents. Her husband's father fell away from the church when his son died but as the year has past they all have become very close to Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven.

 It was a special day on this Thursday night as Kimberly was so thrilled to be at the temple.  I could feel how strong her spirit was as I gave her the instruction about wearing her garments night and date. She cried a lot as she received her own Endowment and loved every minute of it. She never showed she was frightened or panic at any time as she was in the session.  She was so touched that she didn't want to leave the Celestial Room.  She didn't leave until 10:00 pm because she stayed in the Celestial Room for along time.  She was the last one out of the temple.  What a special feeling it was and I am sure she felt her husband near her. She said that she can't wait for Oct. 8, 2016 date to come so she can feel him near her again and be sealed to him and the children sealed to them both. What a blessing it is to serve in the Monticello Utah Temple and so many special experiences strengthen my testimony.

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