Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jim's first two weddings !

2 January 2016

This day Jim was ask to marry two Blanding couples. At 9:00 AM he met with Jace Holiday and Lexus Latham and got all their records completed to marry them at 10:00 AM.  I was so impressed with Lexus she had been on a LDS Mission and was so prepared for marriage.  She glowed thru her eyes and wasn't nervous at all. What a delight young women she was.  I took her to the Brides Room to hang up her wedding dress.   She told me she was going to be married in her temple dress because her dress material under neath the lace was a cream color.  We took them from the Celestial Room to  the Sealing Room to be Sealed.   President James Harris gave them some good advice and  then he married them. This was his first time since he had received the Sealing Power. He missed a part at the end as he was talking to Jace before he said, "Yes" and then he said to Lexus her part but he did it right. I noticed so I stopped him and said, " You need to start over." and he said," Well you will be married twice." The second time it was perfect and they were married. They choose to not exchange rings here in the temple.   Everyone comes to them and hugs and tells them how happy they are for them.  It was standing room for men standing behind the chairs. I bet they had at least 50 people or more at their sealing.  It was beautiful then I had the opportunity to take the bride and her mother Lana Latham back to the Brides Room for her to put her wedding dress on and the  bride and groom walk out the temple together with family and friends outside to great them.   Then they will take pictures and go to their luncheon. They didn't have a reception just family and friends at their luncheon and that is where they probably exchanged their rings.

The next bride was Simone Shumway and her husband to be Kevin Griffin.  President Livingston worked on their records and got them completed to be married at 11:00 AM.  I took her to the Brides Room and she wore her brides dress to be married in.  It had a long train and was beautiful but Simone was very nervous and I was surprised because she had served a mission also. She is a shy young women and didn't want to kiss her husband across the alter in front of all those people after the marriage.   She loved her husband but she didn't want to do that.  She informed President James Harris that she didn't want to do that.  He said he wouldn't even invite them to kiss across the altar.  He informed the fathers which were the witnesses that they would not be kissing across the altar.  When I got the mothers I informed them that she would not be kissing across the altar after being married.  This was a first time for me because a kiss is always encouraged  across the altar after the marriage ceremony.
Kevin is the oldest child in his family and he was their first marriage. President Harris started marring the couple and he did the same thing.  He forgot to finish the part just before the groom says,"Yes".  So I stopped him sooner this time and he started over again.  He did it perfect and they were married but she did not kiss her husband across the altar.  They stood up in front of the guest and exchanged rings and some started to say kiss him and I said, " This is her wedding and if she doesn't want to kiss in front of all you that's Okay." And Simone looked at me and said," Thank you sister Harris." Then everyone came up to the couple and hugged and expressed their love for them and their happiness for them. Then I took Simone and her mother Mary Shumway to the Brides Room so she could get ready to walk outside with her husband and they were in the foyer when Grandma Carolyn Black kept telling Simone to kiss her husband inside the temple before they went outside but I don't think Simone did.   I doubted she kiss him for pictures either but I don't know I was not outside to see. They didn't have a reception here in Blanding but they did where he was from.
They are a cute couple and she told me if she had her way she would have eloped to be married in the temple.  The guest were about 50 people also and standing room of men behind the chairs.  Great love and support from families and friends.

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