Saturday, June 4, 2016

Missionary Tristan Cole DeWitt- Temple

Saturday- 4 June 2016

At 10:15 am Tristan Cole DeWitt came to the Monticello Utah Temple to receive his own endowment and President Harris met with him and got all the paper work done.  His father Brother DeWitt was there with him as his escort.  Tristan is going on a mission so this was his special day to receive his own endowment.  I was surprised because his father had an affair with another women when he was married but he had repented and was here by his son's side.  I was very happy that he was worthy to come back to the temple.  His new wife was there which I was surprised also but she had repented also and it was great to have them both in the temple.  Sister Christine DeWitt his mother was there and I was proud of her because it had to be hard on her.   Tristan has been living with his dad up north  for about a year or so and his mother lives in Blanding with the other brothers.  President Harris met with Tristan and his escort, his father and talked with him about wearing his garments and the instructions that we teach those who come and get their own endowment.  Christine is in our ward and so I have a special feeling for that great example of a women, she is awesome, love this women.

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