Saturday, February 27, 2016

Older couple experience! Wow

27 February 2016

We had a sweet experience  this Saturday afternoon.  We had a couple come to the temple so she could receive her own endowment going on the session at 1:00 PM.  They met each other in an Nursing Home and were married.   He is in a wheelchair with oxygen and she is with a walker that she can sit down on.  They were so cute you would think they were a young couple being sealed. She received her Initatory and then  I had the great opportunity to give her own endowment instructions.  We were in the brides room in the Monticello Temple and she is in her eighties and so is her husband.  She listened and became shaky with her hands.  I tried to help her relax but she shook worse as time went on.   She was so excited to receive her own Endowment and he received  his Endowment years ago.   When at the end of the endowment she saw him and said, " Hello" so sweetly and he said, " Are you still smiling?" and then they just held each other's hand for a while.  It was so sweet and they showed so much love for each other.  It made me think how we should show more love for each other. Then they were taken in the sealing room and sealed. I wasn't there but I bet it was a wonderful ceremony and what a special experience it would have been for them on that special day.

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