Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Week-end- May 30th 2016

Monday- May 30, 2016

James Joseph Harris was the speaker in the annual Memorial Day Service at the Blanding Cementery on May 30th.  He is a veteran who fought and was wounded in the Vietnam Conflict.  Jim told some touching stories about relatives that lost their lives in one war or another.  He told about his cousin Lyle Palmer and he was killed one night before coming home.  Jim was wounded and was home to speak in Lyle's funeral.  As I listened to Jim it made me realize that I might not have had my husband or my children if he was killed in Vietnam.  O! I feel so blessed that the Lord protected Jim at war and returned him to me.  I know that I have to do what ever I can to build the Lord's kingdom for what he has done for me.   I know we are preordained to do certain things so I guess Jim is to be here on earth to accomplish them.  He is such a wonderful husband and I feel very blessed to be his wife.
                                                   This is the flag ceremony!

Jim Harris giving his talk.  Quite a few people there at 7:00 am but it was a beautiful cool morning.

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