Wednesday, April 9, 2014

JB & Loni & Olive visiting Nauvoo

Wednesday- April 9, 2014
Today is exciting because JB & Loni & Olive are arriving around 3:00 pm.   I was done at my Site at 2:30 today so I came home and waited for their arrival. They arrived around 3:00 pm so we talked and played with Olive and had supper and then Elder and Sister Harris ran to Sunset practice.   JB, Loni, and Olive came with us to watch our practice.  It was inside the Visitor Center and not on the stage outside.  Our Preparation Day is tomorrow and we can go with them to the sites.

Thursday- April 10, 2014,
Here JB and his family went to the Brick Shop and Elder Harris showed them how to make bricks.   Olive is showing her brick that Grandpa Harris gave her.
                                                    Loni, Olive, and Joseph B. Harris

Elder Harris and Olive with her brick. Grandpa taught Olive how to make a brick.

 Loni and Olive playing with the blocks in Land and Records while Dad, JB is looking for Ancesters.
They are having a fun time.
We are at Carthage-Loni, Joseph, and Olive and Grandma Harris.
Olive is wearing the pioneer bonnet we bought for her.

Here is cute little Olive with the hat and without the hat. She wouldn't keep it on.
Sister Harris was able to go on the Wagon Ride

     This was a fun ride for Olive and the family.
Olive just wants to get away from  the horses because she was nervous of them.
Olive loved to tease Grandma Bev.  Olive has a cute smile!!

Olive, right was having fun playing with my comfortable seat, she thought it was fun to squash it with her shoes.  This was in our apartment in Nauvoo.

Grandma Bev gave Olive this cute pioneer bonnet.

Sister & Elder Harris resting
Today was JB and Loni's Fiveth Wedding Anniversary so we went to a really good Mexican Restaurant in Hamilton.  It is so much fun to show what goes on in Nauvoo to our family members.

Friday- April 11, 2014
We got tickets so JB & Loni could  watch us on Rendezvous this night. We did our Jed and Annie in the program.  I think it turned out quit well, the Lord does bless us.  
 Here is a picture of Elder Harris, Elder Taye, and Elder Winkler sitting down at the end of the program.

Olive reaching out for you!!! She is so lovable!!! 

 We are so happy Jb, Loni and Olive came to Nauvoo to visit us on our Mission.  It has been 6 wonderful days!!!  JB and Loni announced to us that they were going to have another baby, how thrilled we were to have another grandchild.  We receive so many blessing while we have been on our Mission.

Saturday- April 12, 2014
Well, JB, Loni, and Olive went and watched us do our Sunset by the Mississippi Program at 6:30. Our neighbors had a Barbecue earlier in the back yard with all the neighborhoods.  We all went in and bought a Barbecue so we could have fun cooking with families and friends.  It was really fun that our family could meet our friends here at  Nauvoo.

Sunday- April 13, 2014
We all got up early to go to the 8:00 am Sacrament Meeting.  Later we went with them to see some more sites.  We had a free night this night so we had a good time playing with Olive and talking.  

On Monday, April 14, 2014 JB's family were to leave at 12:15 to meet his Airplane but he got a text that told him the Airplane had been cancelled until Tuesday.  He tried to find other flights but it was going to cost him a lot of money dealing with the rental car so he just stayed one more night.  It was great for us to have them one more day. He just had to use one more vacation day.  

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