Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Susan E. Durrant's Classes & FM

Tuesday- April 1, 2014,
Susan Easten Durrant talked about Joseph and Hyrum Smith's Funeral and Burial in Nauvoo.  I can't believe what a computer brain she has.  It was so awesome.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- April 2, 3, 4, 2014
I worked at the FM and Planted flowers for three days.  It was wonderful because they got new small flowers and we had to replant them into larger pots.  It was so fun to learn how Durell transplants the plants that were shipped to the nursery. I have been packing the soil to tight in the pots before planting the flowers.  I also didn't know that you should wet the soil  just right before you plant the flowers and play in the soil to loosen the soil.  I am excited to transplant flowers in my pots at the home where we live.
                                              Playing in the dirt- It really is fun!!!
                                  Here are some beautiful flowers in  the nursery at FM.

                                            Friday - April 4, 2014,
Early Mission Breakfast- at 7:00 am.  We have a lot of new missionaries that we need to welcome to the Illinois Nauvoo Mission.   We have just a few missionaries leaving.  Here are some pictures.
Sister & Elder Sims, Sister & Elder Perkes, and Sister & President Chynoweth he has been serving as the President of the Mission since the middle of January until our new Mission President has arrived now.  President Chynoweth is the first councilor and is going home around May 11, 2014.
                                      Sister & Elder Perkes singing with a long long chin.

                                          Sister & Elder Sims singing in their skit.
                                          Sister & President Chynoweth singing in their skit.

Elder Ririe and Sister Scott with her broken knee cape and Sister Harris in her FM cloths at the Breakfast.  It is sad when Missionaries go home.

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