Monday, April 7, 2014

Prairie Fire-4-7-14

Monday- April 7, 2014
This was after the Early Morning Breakfast.
I served in the Cultural Hall because I am an Assistant Site Leader for this Site.  I will serve here every Monday and Friday of the week.  We only had 3 tours but it was great to meet people and talk about the building which we call a Community Center.  We also take them upstairs to the 2nd floor which is the show of the Pioneer Quilts.  The 3rd floor is where we show the original wood floor.  There is such a special feeling in the Cultural Hall.

In the evening we had the Prairie Fire.  I couldn't believe how hot it got on my face.  I had to back up a lot to feel like I wouldn't get buried. This field is burned every year at this time to show how fast a fire can burn in the prairie.  We were served hot dogs and chips and popcorn in a bag.  The fire was lit at 6:00 pm and it was over at 6: 03 pm, this is the truth.  Here are some pictures where everyone met to have hot dogs at 5:30 pm.  We had a really good turn out to the party.  They said it was better than last year even the visitors that came to Nauvoo came to the Prairie Fire.

 Here are the lines to get your hot dog and chips.  They had tables to sit down and eat ,it was great.
Elder & Sister Phillipp
Here is the dry grass in the Prairie field.  Sister Harris is standing in the front of the field.
Here is a picture of Sister Harris up close.

Elder Harris in front of the dry grass.

They started the fire here.
It's spreading wider. 

It was getting Hotter and Hotter and Hotter!!

Here they are starting the fire on the other side.

                            It is still getting Hotter and Hotter and Hotter!

In this picture you can see the Temple in the left side of the picture.

                                                        The Blazing fire.
                                               The field was burned up in 3 minutes.

                                                    This is after the fire is done.
This is the neatest camera/remote control ever.  It is a camera and Elder Rob Taylor just fly's it around and it takes a movie or pictures of what is below.  He had this flying around the fire and the people watching the fire. I was able to get a pictures of it while it was flying but staying in one spot, cool ha!!

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