Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring walk in Nauvoo

Thursday- April 17, 2014
This is our Preparation Day and so we got up early and did a Spring Walk.  It was a very nice day and we had a little breeze which was really nice.  We walked past this Cyress Tree which was planted in 1857.

                                 The roots are coming out of the ground.  I don't understand why.
                      Here is another view of the Cyress Tree with the early morning sun shining on it.
                                 I zoomed up on the ground around the base of the tree, it is so cool!!!
 As we walked up the street their was this beautiful cattle pasture that Elder Harris was getting a picture off.
     As we walked back down the street there was this beautiful flowering tree by this really neat house.

We walked up this road that was part of the Martyrdom Trial were Joseph and Hyrum rode their horses on the way to Carthage.

We walked past these beautiful flowers in the front of someones yard. I just had to take a picture to show all of you, on our blog how wonderful the flowers are in Nauvoo.

In our walk we saw these geese and their babies, so cute.
The parents were nervous we were there so they called the babies to come in the water and follow them.
This is what the geese did.  One was in the front and the other parent was behind the babies, isn't that cool how they protect the little ones.  The one goose in the front bounces his head as he swam.
Another thing I want you to enjoy are the birds we have in Nauvoo.  They are singing all the time.  Here are some Beautiful birds that live here in Nauvoo.
                These two birds are called CARDINALS, there are a lot here in Nauvoo.

I don't know the name of this bird but it is a pretty yellow color.
                                     This is a cool picture of a WOODPECKER.
                                            This was taken in the snow and I don't know what this bird is called.
                 Isn't this a beautiful BLUE JAY, oh how lovely the spring is here in Nauvoo.
 This is such a different bird I don't know it's name but may be it is called a KILLDEER but I love it anyway!!
Here is a cute Baby Bird.   

The picture to the left were taken by the Monney's.
The picture to the right was taken by Elder Duncan at their bird feeder.  If any of you readers know what the names of these birds are please tell me so I can add the names to the pictures, thanks.

Now these next birds will be pictures of Eagles.  A Temple Missionary took these pictures. 

                                The Eagles are a very large beautiful bird.
The Eagle sees something he wants so he fly's down to the Mississippi River.

                                                Here he is getting ready to catch a fish.
Almost got him!!!
Good Catch!!!  Here is the Eagle catching a fish, cool huh!!
Look how many different birds  Elder & Sister Monney got in this picture, Awesome.

 The Monney's got these HUMMING BIRDS fighting.

I don't know which bird won!!! But it is interesting !!!!
 I didn't take any of the Bird pictures but they are fun to watch and we see a lot of birds as we walk around the town.  We sure do love this place because we feel the reverence here as we walk the streets in Nauvoo.

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