Monday, November 4, 2013

Wonderful day to have friends.

Monday- Nov. 4, 2013,
 Also on this day we had another surprise!!  Dorothy Jensen's, my sister-in-law, two sisters came with a history tour group today.  They were so surprised to see Elder & Sister Harris at the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail.   They took pictures of me giving half the group the tour of the jail.  This was Betty Diamond and Janiel & Paul Jensen.  It was so fun to see them.
                           Sister Harris by Betty Diamond- Telling about the Debtor's Cell.
                                  Sister Harris telling the stories in the Dungeon Cell.
          Sister Harris after the tour is finished showing how Hyrum was shot in the face. The men were bending their knees to push on the door when the mob was trying to come in. You can see the original door with the bullet hole in it.  This is such a special room to visit.

Oct. 28, 2013
Ken and Tami sent us some pictures of their family when then went on the Heber Valley Railroad on Saturday, Oct. 26,13 or Heber Creeper which is another name for the ride. They were having their pumpkin festival.  Here are the pictures.
Left Caroline, Kyler, Tami, Mark Bonney

                  Front- Mark, Carolyn, Ken, Derek, Kyler, Brent Bonney on the train.
                                 Left- Mark , Derek, Caroline and Kyler Bonney.

                              Sent us some Halloween pictures of the Grandchildren- Oct. 31,2013
                           Horse, Jackson- Hat, Brent- Missionary, Derek- Dinasour, Kyler- Mark-                                              Dog lover, Caroline- Clown, Porter.

                 What a cute a Dinasour, Kyler Bonney-

                                                Here some more cute kids.

Here is Caroline at the top and Mark and also Derek and the Bonney Dogs.

                             Here are the Bonney children with their pumpkins they made.
Here are some more Grandchildren at Halloween.

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