Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Day

Wednesday- Nov. 13, 2013
Elder & Sister Harris went to the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail and worked from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.  Then had to go back to work at 2:30 pm until 5:00 pm.  In the morning Ken and Tami and the three children went to Nauvoo and rode on the Carriage Ride and looked at some sites before driving back to Carthage.  I think they went to the brick yard at 9:00 am, first site before the ride.

Carolyn and Kyler Bonney

                                           This is a cute little boy, Kyler Bonney.
                            Peek-a-Boo, here I am, Mark Bonney at the Brick Yard Site.
 After the Brick Yard they went and saw the Women's Garden behind the Nauvoo Visitor Center.  Here are some pictures.

                                                              Joseph and Emma
             Ken by the Nauvoo Visitor Center.  Look how beautiful the Autumn leaves are.
 Here is Ken Bonney at the sign.  The family went on the ride that makes your faith stronger which is the Carriage Ride into the Country.

Here are the horses that took us on the carriage ride.  The Bonney family-  Ken, Caroline, Mark, Kyler, and Tami.

               We are all cuddled in blankets and it was a nice ride.  We loved it!!!
         Mark, Caroline, and Ken trying to be warm.  It was cold but it looks like a nice day.
                          The Bonney family by the sign and horses, Cute family.

 This is the Black Smith Shop that Elder Taylor is telling them about. Mark and Caroline.  The right picture is Mark learning how to make wheels.
Here are Kyler, Caroline, and Mark. I guess it is time to go back to Carthage.

This is Ken with his Prairie Diamond Ring.

 About  One or Two in the afternoon Ken had to leave and drive back to Chicago for his work.
                                         They took these pictures before Ken left.

While the children were at the house we dressed them up with Grandma and Grandpa's Hats.  Cute Grandchildren.

Kyler wearing Grandpa's hat.

                                      These are pictures inside the Visitor Center.
                                 Elder Harris(Grandpa) sitting and Caroline is on the right.
 This picture has a neat story but I have already told it.

 Lt. This is Hyrum in the door of the summer kitchen.
Rt. Joseph is in the jail. These are reflections of the pictures by Elder Harris in the picture above.


Caroline outside the jail.

Tami gave the children naps while we worked and fixed us supper when we came home so we could drive to Nauvoo to do our Rendezvous.  We did parts in every song and  Jed and Annie this night.   The Lord blessed us again.  Tami said we did such a good job.

Rendezvous----- I say,"Now why didn't I think of that!" and at the end I say,"Ouch" when the needle sticks my finger and I run outside.

                                        This is singing the Relief Society song.
                                                   Sister Harris in the blue dress.
Elder & Sister Harris doing Jed and Annie in the Rendezvous.  This is at the beginning.
 Elder Harris just ask me to stay in Nauvoo and Marry him.  I say," My wagon is already loaded and all I have left to pack is this basket of medicine and herbs."
                                       "You know how much you mean to me Jed."
                        " Think about what your leaving behind, fruit trees and so on."
I say,"What about your chewing and spitting Tobbaco?" He says," You don't expect me to swallow that stuff do you?"
Then at the end he ask me to Marry him again, and I say" O, Jed I really want too."
 The editor come's in on stage and says we have to leave Nauvoo.  Jed says " We need to stay and fight." Then another man says," There are other man that feel the same so let's go find them."
 They go down the stairs and another man stops Jed and tells him that Brigham Young says" we need to leave Willingly.  Jed is a nonmember and they talk him into going with Annie and the rest of the pioneers.
                       Jed sings with all the men, The Willingly Song because we want too.

  At the end of the song they all walk out and then we sing the last song, Little Town.
                       Elder Harris and Sister Harris singing the last song, " Little Town".
                                  This is the end of Rendezvous. What a busy day we had today.

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