Thursday, November 7, 2013

Messiah practice

Thursday- Nov. 7, 2013
The Nauvoo Temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning. We just did some shopping and cleaning around our house today.  We didn't do anything exciting but in the evening Sister Ballard and I went to the Messiah practice.  This is great because the man that is directing us is so awesome.  He knows so much about music and the right way to say the words.  I have been saying some words wrong but I do say them right now.  The director is a Mormon and many of the community singers are Mormons.  We do have other churches that sing with us.  We are only singing about 4 or 5 songs.
We will have an orchestra performing with us. In December we will practice with all of us together.
I'm excited to sing in the Messiah this year because I thought I would miss this year.

Saturday- Nov. 9, 2013
Today we did our new part, Jed and Annie in the Rendezvous.  We were both so frightened but the Lord helped us with the Holy Ghost to remember our parts and everyone said we did it perfect.  We were both very calm and felt good about our performs.  I can't believe how many times the Lord helps us on our mission.

Sunday- Nov. 10,2013
We were busy today.  Went to our Sacrament Meeting and then Sunday School and Relief Society.  I helped Sister Winkler with her lesson in Relief Society and then I practiced in our choir because next week we perform the Thanksgiving song in Sacrament Meeting.  We didn't have to work at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center today, it was our day to be on call.  We traveled home to Carthage and in the evening we had to come back to Nauvoo to our District Meeting.  We keep the road hot between Nauvoo and Carthage.

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