Monday, November 4, 2013

A special friend in the Jail.

November 4, 2013
When it is cloudy this is what we see in the jail.  Some times I come out of the office I see Joseph in the Jail. It is a reflection from his large picture in the Visitor Center.  Some how it goes to a 90 degree and it looks like Joseph is in the kitchen of the jail. It gives you goose bumps!!

 In the summer kitchen you can see Hyrum standing in the door but it isn't as clear as Joseph. These are pictures I took with my camera.  They don't always show up as good. It has to be a cloudy day to see them both.

This is so cool to do in the Martyrdom Room.  Sister Harris is sitting at the window that Joseph Smith fell out off and the picture is taken through the bullet  hole in the door.  This is the hole where the bullet went through and killed Hyrum.  This is such a sacred room that you feel the reverence in it every time you go in it.
This picture is in the Carthage Visitor Center.  Boyd K. Packer ask a Theodore Gorka an artist to paint a picture of Joseph Smith teaching friends and family by the Mississippi River in Nauvoo.  Mr. Gorka put himself in the picture.  He is the man holding his hat.  The neat story is that the man with his hand on his chin Baptized Mr. Gorka after the painting was finished.  Mr. Gorka was a non-member and it is like he was taught the Gospel as he painted the picture. Cool Story!!!!


  1. Those photos are cool! Whoever thought to do that was pretty inspired. We love and miss your guys.

  2. So very inspiring! We are so happy you two are having such awesome experiences.