Monday, November 4, 2013

Better late than never.

Nov. 4, 2013
Even though it is November I want to show you some pictures I took on Oct. 4, 13 which was Friday morning Breakfast to say Good-bye to our MTC group that had been here for six months.  They did go home on Oct. 8, 2013, which was a Tuesday.

Elder Harris, Sister Ward and Elder Ward, Sister Harris.  They are our District Leaders ever since we have been in Nauvoo and they are going home now.  This is their 3rd Mission here in Nauvoo.  They taught us how to do Noah and Sophia.  They are good in all the parts they do. We will really miss them, their Awesome!!!
 We are such good friends to Sister and Elder Ward.  Their family will be so happy to have them go home, they have 12 children so you can guess how many, many, many Grandchildren they have and that doesn't count the Great Grandchildren.  They are a spiritual high light in our mission. I will really miss them both.  He is always telling funny stories or jokes. 
This is Elder and Sister Nagel.  We moved in the house that they lived in in Carthage. They did the landscaping at Carthage Visitor Center and Jail for 6 months and yes she is about 30 years younger than he is but they sure love each other.  This is their 2nd mission to the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail doing landscaping.

Here are the young sisters that are going out into the world to proselyte.  Some of them are going home.  They have already been on a mission for 18 months.  The other sisters will be going for the winter and then be back for next summer.  I am excited because I will get to serve with some of  them next summer before going home.  

                                                      Sorry this is blurry.

The awesome Young Single Missionaries.

The missionaries that are going home have to do a skit to the other missionaries at the Early Friday Morning Breakfast.  Left, Sister & Elder Halford, Sister & Elder Murdock, Sister & Elder Nagel, Elder & Sister Harding ( Our good friends) He is the one talking in the front and his wife is in the hot pink dress,  Elder Ward and a single Sister Higham that has been here in Nauvoo three different missions, Elder & Sister Beard, Sister & Elder Brough. They are all singing a song and doing a skit.
                       Elder & Sister Harding and Elder Ward and  Single Sister Higham
 Elder & Sister Beard, He was a teamster and he has changed the most of everyone. He had a hard time at first but wants to come back next summer but they tell us that if they want to come back that they have to stay for l year, no more 6 months teamsters. They were such a fun couple missionary.  If anyone wants to come to Nauvoo and you now about horses you should call the Nauvoo Visitor Center because they are looking for more teamsters for next summer.
Sister and Elder Murdock, They served here in Carthage Jail and Visitor Center for 9 months and then she was over the Sunset by the Mississippi Program.
Sister and Elder Halford, they lived in a trailer and she walked  every single day. We would see her when we went walking a lot up in the park and by a lake.
    These two young single missionaries are going home.  They were great to serve with them.
Sister Ward played the piano when the group sang their song.  She is a really good piano player. If anyone is a good piano player that will get you here also in Nauvoo.
Sister Beard, Sister Brough, Sister Ward, and Sister Kim is going home to Korea.
It was really sad to sing the Farewell Song to everyone. 

Left  Single Sisters are doing a
Skit and the Right Single Sisters
are singing the Farewell Song.

A Funny Picture!!!!

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