Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Bonney's visiting Nov.2013

Tuesday- Nov. 12, 2013
Ken, Tami, Mark, Caroline and Kyler Bonney arrived about 2:15 pm at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.  Elder and Sister Harris were so happy to see family. We were about off our shift but we stayed and gave them the tour of the jail.  Here are some pictures.

                                                 Tami, Mark, Kyler and Caroline.

 Sister Harris talking about the Jailer, Mr. Stigall and his wife and their seven children that lived in the jail.   We are in the Parlor room at the moment.
                              Elder Harris is in the Debtor Cell on the main floor.
  Here is Ken, Kyler, Mark, and Caroline in Jail.  When you are in the Debtor Cell you owe money to someone and wouldn't pay so you go to Jail until your family pays your debts off.
                                    Elder and Sister Harris in the Debtor Cell.
Elder Harris in the Martyrdom room telling stories and bearing his testimony and Sister Harris also bears her testimony to the Grandchildren and Ken and Tami.  This is a special room and the spirit is so strong in this room.
 Here are Caroline, Ken, and Mark sitting in front of the window that Joseph Smith's falls out of.  The picture is taken through the hole in the door that the bullet went through and killed Hyrum.


Sister Harris in the Martyrdom
Room by the original door that
has the hole in it caused by the
bullet that went through and killed
                                               Caroline and Sister Harris(Grandma)

Tami and Ken below the window outside where Joseph fell out of. I see this from my kitchen window while I am washing my dishes.  We live in the house that is next door.

Here the children are playing in the fence that goes around the Carthage Jail.
Left Mark, Right Kyler.

                                               Kyler with such a cute personality.
                       The children are so skinny they can just slip through the fence.
Mark, the cutie!!
 Mark by the Carthage Jail.
                              Tami standing on our grass where Elder & Sister Harris live.
       Caroline is so skinny she can slip through the fence also.  The Bonneys stayed with us and we had a fun night playing a few games. They had left about 11:00 pm the night before so they had a tiring day.  Good-Night!!!

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