Friday, November 15, 2013

Busy life- Nov. to Dec. 2013

Dec 21,2013
Here are some foot notes to catch up on our blog.  We didn't have internet at home for about a week and then I got so busy with Halloween and getting ready for Christmas but now I need to tell you what has happened in our lives.

Nov. 15-16, 2013,
Saturday Night we did Rendezvous and because we had done Jed and Annie on Wednesday for Tami and the kids we didn't have to do it this night.  Elder and Sister Duncan did it this night. We usually only do it once a week. On Wednesday was only our second time to perform Jed and Annie.  Everyday we do the same tour at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.

Nov. 17- Sunday,
 Every Sunday we go to church at 7:00  or 7:45 sometimes  Elder Harris has to do Sacrament or I need to be early to sing with the Choir. Then we go to the Nauvoo Visitor Center to have Sunday School class and Relief Society.  We are done at 11:00 am and then we drive back to Carthage to serve in the Visitor Center and Jail. We do the Carthage Visitor Center every other Sunday.

Nov. 18 to 21- Thursday.
We have our preparation day on Thursday all the time so we try to drive back to Nauvoo and go to the Temple.  Then at night I and Sister Ballard go the the Messiah practice by 7:00 pm.  We do put a lot of miles on our car going back and forth.  We do Rendezvous every Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Nov 22 to 26- Tuesday night.
I went to a Honey whole wheat bread class in the evening of Nov. 26, 2013.  Elder Bogaski is a baker at home and it was really fun to learn some neat tips in how to make really good bread.  Elder Harris just sat around and read while I took this class.  I brought two loafs of bread home and we really enjoyed that soft bread.  After Christmas I am going to start to make Honey whole wheat bread.

Nov. 27, 2013
After the Rendezvous we stayed because we were ask to be in the live Nativity.  I was asked to sing with the Angles and Elder Harris was asked to be a shepherd.  We practiced our songs after Rendezvous at the Cultural Hall. We are singing about four songs, this will be on December 6th.

Nov. 28, 2013
Thanksgiving Day, We got to close our sites early today at 2:30 pm.  The meal will be in Nauvoo at the church at 3:30 pm.  The Choir sang a Thanksgiving song that we song in Sacrament before the dinner started.  We had a lady and her six sons come to the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail and she said she had no place to go to a Thanksgiving Dinner so we invited her to the Missionary Dinner.  I saved a table for her and she came.  We sat next to her table and it was fun to get to know her.  She is a member but her husband had past away.  She wanted to bring her boys to Nauvoo so they could feel the spirit here, hoping it would help them.  She was probably only 40 years old but a beautiful woman.   Her oldest son was 17 and is going to go on a mission when he turns 18. The Thanksgiving Dinner and  table decorations were awesome!!

Nov. 29th and 30th, 2013,
We worked on Friday and Saturday at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.  We had a lot of people come to visit Carthage Jail and Visitor Center through the Thanksgiving Holiday.   Saturday night Elder Harris and I did Jed and Annie at the Rendezvous.

                                       Here is where the men sing "Willingly" song.

                       We are singing the song "Little Town" at the end of the program.

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