Saturday, September 7, 2013

Started to move today.

Tuesday- Sept. 3, 2013
Yes after we did our last sites we moved a car load to Carthage, Illinois.  We moved in the place that is the Bushnell  Mansion.  It has Five apartments in it.  We will start in the 3rd apartment and maybe in a week move into a different one.  Two couples are moving in a week but we are not going to move twice so we are in apartment 5 now.

Wed.- Sept 4, 2013
Well, today we really moved.  We had to carry all our stuff up stairs but than everything is on one floor even the washer and dryer is in our bedroom. Yippy, I don't have to go down stairs to wash for one month.  When I move again in about Oct. 8, then I will have my washer and dryer in the basement again, O Well!! You gotta love your mission. I was able to put things away as we carried our clothes to the closet and hang them up.  We will have to move another day like our preparation day tomorrow.  We still have to move a little and the flowers to put on the porch here in Carthage, Ill.   We were able to clean all the upstairs in our old house.  The home we are in is really big and is beautiful.                        
      Here are some pictures of the Bushnell Manson.  This sign it hangs on the house.

This is the front of the Manson.   Some of the flowers on the steps are mine.
 Up close of the front door.  This is the door we have to go into our apartment.  Remember there are Five Apartments. The big pots at the top steps are the flowers that FM had done and were already here at the Manson.
This is a side view on the right side of the Manson.  The patio on the second floor is our apartment and the small patio in the front of the house on the second floor is also our apartment.  The three windows on the second floor is our front room. BIG HOME!!!!

                                       Another view of the left side of the Manson.
                                This shows the Left side and also goes back to the garage.
 Here is the patio from the front view of the house.  They say this winter they are going to take this patio off because it is rotting away.

Thursday- Sept. 5, 2013
We went to Nauvoo to pick up the rest of our things and cleaned the whole house.  Boy I am not looking forward to moving again in Oct. but I will have too.  I didn't feel  very good today and I was really tired so I slept later and I felt better.  We cleaned really hard the old Farr home in Nauvoo.   The home really looks nice.  We came back to Carthage, Illinois to bring the rest of our things and the flowers and then we went back later to do Rendezvous, we were Noah and Sophie tonight.
 Here are a few of the flowers.  We didn't have room to bring two of the pots so we just through them away, to my sadness.

                                           Here is Elder Harris at the front door.
And here is Sister Harris wishing she could stay here all winter but only for one month.

Here is the foyer that you see when you walk into the Bushnell Home. Here are the stairs we climb up every time we go to our apartment.

This is the chandelier  in the foyer when you walk into the Bushnell house. 

Here is the picture on the wall showing what the home looked like when the Bushnell's own it.
                                       Elder Harris is where we start to climb the stairs.
                Elder Harris at the inside of the front door.  The door has Bushnell's name on it.
  Right below the stairs is a piano.  This is all in the foyer.  This is what you see when you come into this house.
       You see this beautiful picture and table as you open the door.  It is such beautiful place.
                                        This is what our apartment looks like.  It is so nice!!!!
                                               Here is the kitchen from the front room view.
                                             Elder Harris reading at the table.
 I have a picture of the Scovill Bakery that this man painted and gave to me when he toured the bakery and the Temple Plate on top of the cupboards.  Thanks to Mary Ann Lyman that gave me the money to buy the Temple plate, I just love it.
     I was given Joseph Smith's picture and I framed it.  It is where I can look at it all the time.
                              Here is where the lap top is put on a nice desk and the printer.

        To the right is the front door that goes into the apartment.  Then the front room is to the left.
These few pictures are what you see when you walk into our apartment.

                                     To the left of the rocking chair is the kitchen.

This was taken from the kitchen of the front room. I brought the flower between the chairs.  You can't see how beautiful the curtains are.  They are a beautiful lace.

This is from the kitchen looking down the hall to the bedroom. To the left is the bathroom.

          Here is our large bedroom and look at the lacy curtains on all the windows.
                                                            Here is our bed.

This one lacy curtain goes out to a deck from our bedroom and these two windows are by our bed.
                                   I will show you pictures out on the small deck.

                          Here is what you see when you are outside on this small deck.

                      This is the deck door looking back into the bedroom from outside.

                                             This is our large closets we have.

   Looking down the hall from the bedroom you can see Elder Harris at the table and the front room behind him.

Friday- Sept. 6, 2013
Today was our first day to serve at Carthage Visitor Center and Carthage Jail.  I'm working so hard to learn what I need to say in Carthage Jail.  Elder and I did our tours today together but tomorrow I will have to do my tours alone.  I hope I can remember everything I need to tell about the jail.  It is really cool to learn the stories about the Carthage jail.  Then the high light of the tour is to be in the Martrydom room and bear your Testimony about Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith sealed their testimony with their blood.  I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and he did restore the Gospel on the earth.  This is an awesome place to serve your mission.  I am very glad that I am here when I get everything learned that I need to do.  Being an assent site leader with Elder Harris means that we need to learn everything in the office also.  Elder & Sister Harris are serving on a"C" schedule which means we go at 8:45 am until 11:30 am and then we come back at 2:15 pm until 5:00 pm.  The times have changed to fall schedule.  The winter schedule will change in Oct. to 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. See ya later, it is late, good night.


  1. Hey, great pictures. Something I just thought of, there was an Elder Bushnell in my group on my mission that was from Carthage. I wonder if there is any relation? Looks like you guys are having fun.

  2. Love the house. It looks beautiful.