Monday, September 16, 2013

Great Day at the Carthage Jail.

Saturday-- Sept. 14, 2013
Elder and Sister Harris served at the Carthage Visitor Center and Jail on the "C" shift.  That means we go at 8:45 am until 11:30 am and then come back at 2:15 pm until 5:00 pm.   Elder and Sister Taye came in early so we could leave earlier then 11: 30 am because we needed to be back at 1:00 pm because we had a bus tour coming at 1:30 pm.  They wanted us to learn how to do big tours.  The tour group was from Utah and Idaho.  Their were 46 of them and so they all watched the film and then Elder Harris and I split them up.  I took the first group of about 24 people and Elder Harris took the rest of them, 22 people about 10 minutes later.  I took them right into the parlor room because that was a larger room than the kitchen.  That is where I told of the building of the jail and the people that bought the jail at different times.  Then I told of the Jailor and his family of 7 children living in the jail at the same time as the prisoners where in the County Jail.  The Jailor's wife cooked all the meals and fed everyone that was in the jail and they had to pay for food, candles, cloths, and whatever they needed.  John Taylor paid for the meals for Joseph and Hyrum Smiths and the other  men's meals they ate.  John Taylor recorded the time he ate with Mr. Stigall
and his family and he paid for his meal.  Anyway I finished the tour of the jail and bore my testimony and the tour was over.   Many told me that they really enjoyed my tour.  It was fun to visit with them after the tour.   Elder Harris's tour was after mine and they didn't have to wait too bad for my tour to be over.  It was a test to see how we could do the tours at a good time and not take too long.  It is just wonderful to bare my testimony so many times in the day.  We are having a great time here in Carthage, Illinois.
Here is the front door of the Carthage Visitor Center with the flowers.
Here is Sister Harris on Monday- Sept. 16, 2013
 standing by the beautiful flowers at Carthage Jail in the back.

These flowers are behind the Joseph and Hyrum Smith's Stature.

  These are the flowers that are by the window where Joseph fell out off.
Here are the beautiful flowers close to the entrance to the Carthage Visitor Center.

Here is just one of the beautiful pots, the flowers just hang down.

       These flowers go up the side of the walk from the parking lot. They are breath taking.
     These flowers are at the beginning of the walk that goes down to the Carthage Visitor Center.
                         These are down the walk way.  They are amazing, don't you think?
             These pots are the first three pots as you walk down the walk to the Visitor Center.
                      These flowers are at the beginning on the opposite side of the three pots.

 These are flowers as you come out
of the front door of the Carthage
Visitor Center.

These are the pots all lined up as you walk down to the walk way to the front door.
These pot are the rest of the line up.  Can you believe how beautiful these flowers are.  Prettiest pots ever.
 Here is Joseph and Hyrum Smith with flowers behind them.  I showed these before with Sister Harris in front of them.  Well, I think I have shown you about all of the flowers arrangements in this area.

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