Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Important Event brings a lot of people to Carthage Jail.

Sunday- Sept. 22, 2013
We went to our Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, Relief Society and Priesthood meetings. By 12:30 pm we were at the Carthage Jail and Visitor Center until 5:00 pm. Now on Saturday the 21st. we had 226 people visit the Carthage Jail and on 22nd Sunday we had 150 visitors at the Carthage Jail.  In the evening we had our District Meeting at Elder Taye's home.  As we were walking to his home their was a car parked outside the Carthage Jail.  A man got out and ask if they could see the Jail.  This is about 6:30 pm and it is closed.  He was over all the Zion Banks and in the car was the wife of Larry Miller that owned The Jazz and the past Governor of Utah.  Well, we said we would go and ask our District leader.  Well he said no because it would send off the alarm in Salt Lake City if we went into the Jail now.  Elder Harris went outside and told them.  They felt bad because their time with everything going on was limited.
    These people were here because of the big event that was going on in Nauvoo on Monday and Monday Evening and the Reenactment of Joseph Smith Habeas Corpus and the Courts  in Springfield, Illinois on Tuesday afternoon.

Monday Night- Sept. 23, 2013
We went to Nauvoo and heard Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak to many people about Joseph Smith.  We didn't have tickets so we watched him at the Church House in Nauvoo.  Others that paid for their tickets got to be in the rooms in the Visitor Center where he spoke.  It was very different, there was not a opening prayer but this man introduced Elder Oaks and he spoke and it was over. Then they had a light refreshment for everyone that came.

Tuesday- Sept. 24, 2013
 On Tuesday this Reenactment of Joseph Smith would be happening in Springfield.   Their are a lot of Lawyers from Illinois and other places that came to Nauvoo and they were at Nauvoo hearing the  talks that were going on in the Sites and were there to listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk about Joseph Smith Monday night.  We would have loved to gone to Springfield about 2 to 3 Hours away to see this Reenactment of Joseph Smith but we were serving at Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.
Earlier this morning the Governor of Utah, Governor Herbert and his wife came to see the Carthage Jail.   He had Three body guards and We were able to get pictures with him.  It was really fun to meet him and his wife.  Elder Taye gave them an early tour before we opened the Visitor Center & Jail.   After the tour is when we went outside and met Governor Herbert.  Here are the pictures. He was very nice with us.

     Elder Taye from Boise, Idaho, Sister Herbert, Governor Herbert, Sister Harris and Elder Harris

Today we had four buses of people wanting to see the Carthage Jail.  It was awesome to meet so many important people.   Some of them were non-Mormons but were Lawyers with their wives to see the Carthage Jail.  Their were about 60 important people on Two buses and on the other bus tours were scheduled to come and see the Jail.  So as people left Nauvoo to drive to Springfield, which is the State Capital of Illinois where Lincoln has a home and a museum stopped by to see Carthage Jail and Visitor Center.  It was really fun to meet so many fun people from Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California and other places.  We were very busy this morning and then in the afternoon it slowed down.

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