Sunday, September 1, 2013

End of Month getting closer.

Tuesday- Aug. 27, 2013
Sister Harris served in the Seventies Hall with Sister Call and Sister Dahl.  They are both going home in one week.  We have many people that is finished with their mission in the next week.
The Seventies Hall has a special feeling because it prepared the men to go out on missions.  It is a smaller version of the Provo MTC.
Elder Harris served in the Tin Shop today. I really like the Tin Shop but I have only served their one time.
Across the street from John Taylor's Home which in the same block as the Tin Shop here are some pictures of Beautiful Flowers.  They are the largest leaves I have ever seen.

Wednesday- Aug. 28, 2013
We had our early morning Training Meeting at 8:00 pm.  Their were quit a few missionaries that shared their experiences that have in the sites.  It was really good. I had an experience one day when a Sister and I were serving  at Wilfred Woodruff's home.   We decided to sit outside on a bench.  All of a sudden a truck whip in the front of the house and a young boy was standing up in the back leaning over the front seat and said," That is her, she taught me how they made bread in a bustle oven.  This was when the school children came to Nauvoo on a field trip.  This young boy brought his family back to Nauvoo to visit it.  I was so trilled that he remembered me.  I sent him to the Visitor Center to get a schedule and his tickets for the wagon ride.  His family and he were not members of our church.  He was so excited to show his family Nauvoo.  These experieces will called Nauvoo miracles.   This is what we want to happen so the families can feel the spirit here in Nauvoo.  The spirit can touch their hearts when they go to the different sites and then we hope they ask questions about our church.  It was a great day and we also had Rendezvous tonight.

Thursday- Aug. 29, 2013
This is our Preparation Day. Elder & Sister Ballard, Elder & Sister Harding, and Elder & Sister Harris drove to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to a Thresher Day Fair.  This was a very hot day but it was so fun to see all the old tractors and thresher machines and old cars. It was a large Fair and I'm going to show you some pictures we took.
                                               This is a corn Thresher.

The men are trying to hold the corn from coming out too fast.

The corn is going up the belt.

Here is the corn coming out and the cob goes another direction, awesome.

Elder Harris is getting started with the corn on the cob.
You can do it this way or the Thresher Machine.

Here the corn rolls down this wood thing and falls into the bucket.  Then the cob pops out of the machine and you pull it out and throw on the ground.

Here are some pictures of what we saw in a large tent of different thresher machine engines.  This was amazing and they were all working.
Elder Harding, Elder Ballard, and Elder Harris watching the man show motors that his has made.
                 Here are the small motors that the man has made in the above picture.  They were really interesting to watch.
                                      Here are some big motors working.
                       Elder Ballard and Elder Harris interested in watching this large motor working.
                                        Here is another large motor actually working.
                          Different views of the same large machine.  It was really cool!!!!
                                            Another view of the same machine.

This man was showing the big tools that they use on the big machines.  The one above this picture was for the mans biggest machine.


Here are some other tools.  They are huge.
                       Here are the Three Elders in front of the Threshing Machine.

                    Sister & Elder Harris, Sister & Elder Ballard, Sister & Elder Harding.

This horse is walking around and that moves the hay threw the machine and they wrap the wire around the baled hay.  It is really cool the way these different machines work.

 This horse is so smart.  He just keeps walking in the trailer and the machine will thrash the wheat.
                   This horse walks in the trailer and the belt operates the thresher.
                           Elder Ballard and Elder Harding are loving this yellow car.
                           I think Elder Harris would like this car also, isn't it cool!!!!!

                              But I think Elder Harris would like this Tractor more!!!!!!!!!

                               Here are some pictures of Wheat Threshing Machine.

                   Here the men are using their pitch forks to put the wheat into the thresher.

                            Here is where the wheat is going to come out in the wagon.

                       Sister Harding and Sister Ballard are looking at an old antique stove, frig, washing machine and other things.

                                      This was so interesting to see these old Antiques.

                      Sister Harris showing some kind of a grinder.          

Here is an old Lard Press.

Here is an old sewing machine.

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  1. Great pictures. Is it just me or does dad kind of look amish with the hat and suspenders? Sounds like you guys are having a lot of great experiences. Love you guys.