Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday a great day.

Saturday- Sept. 21-2013
Yesterday was Bradley's birthday, Sept. 20, 2013.   He was 35 years old.  Time is going by so fast when I see how old our children are getting because that makes us feel older.  None of our children seem as old as they are.
Well, today at the Carthage Visitor Center & Jail has been pretty busy and we have had a few more non-members come.  It is fun to bare our testimonies to them and try to get them to want a Book of Mormon but so far I haven't got to give one out yet but I hope I am planting a seed.  Early I had two men come and they were a son and his father.  The son was married to a Mormon and the father was very kind to listen to me.  I gave them some pamphlets about Joseph's life for them to read while they are traveling.  I hope they could feel the spirit in the Martyrdom Room, I certainly
can.  This was a great day.

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  1. I'm sure they felt something mom. Some people take longer than others so who knows when or if they will join. Love ya