Saturday, September 21, 2013

Norman & Marge Lyman

Thursday- 9-19-2013
We drove to Macomb to see what it looked like.  Here is the City Office Building.  It was really cool looking.
                       Here is the City Office.  I really like the way the building looks so old.
                                                       Another view on the same side.
Here I am trying to show the top.
                                        This picture is the side of the building.
  We had a great day just looking around and shopping but not buying. Then we hurried home to drive to Nauvoo to do our Rendezvous.

Thursday Night- 9-19-13
Norman & Marge Lyman and Yvonne & Lynn Wright came to the Rendezvous this night to watch us do our part.  They had already been to it one night.  I really appreciated them coming again just to see us.  Here are some pictures that Norman took of us.
                                              These could be Christmas Post Cards.
                                Marge said I look like a Christmas Caroler  and I guess I do.
                                               Here is a sharp good looking man.
Elder & Sister Harris doing Noah and Sophia Packard.
                            Elder Harris the 2nd man on the left side.  This is in the Willingly song.
Sister Harris doing the Relief Society song on the stage to the left.


  1. Mom and Dad, I don't know who those people are that came to see you, but that is cool that you got to see some friends and take them through the tour.

  2. How fun. I showed Teag your pictures and he got all excited to see you.