Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Our Story Goes On"

Sunday- June 29-2014
We went to the Pageants program called, "Our Story Goes On."  This was on the outside stage that the Pageants program is on.  WOW!! What a great program.  The main characters that put this program on are professional and are paid. Here are some pictures.
                                            This man is welcoming us to "Our Story Goes On"

 These two are telling the story from the books they are holding.  It is about two people and the wife is going to have a baby.  The couple's picture is below.
They are so proud to have this special child that the women is carrying.

 They are singing a beautiful song together but I can't remember what it was about but they are excited to start a family.
                                         The couple are singing and she starts in Labor!!
                               Pains are getting worse, we better be getting to the Hospital!!
Driving to the Hospital and nervous how things are changing in their lives.  They will  be having a special child that has left Heavenly Father and he expects us to care for this child and raise her to return to him someday, what a responsibility of a parent.
 There are about three different stories that are going on in this program.  Everyone is reading stories from books.
                                    They are singing about this life of the child that was just born.
                                                    And how special this little girl is!!
 This child is lent to us and we as parents  must teach her about Heavenly Father and we need to be good parents so this child will grow up and love our Father in Heavenly as she loves her parents.  They are so happy to have this little baby girl in their home.

Here is the mother with her daughter as they sing together of the granddaughter and how special the child is and how much love a child brings into a home.

Here are some other stories in books that life is a complete circle.
 To the left is Heber C. Kimball is being a Rooster, cock-a-doodle do. I can't remember what the story was about the rooster, I just have the picture.

A father and his son right is another story.

To the right the son goes on in life and then he meets a girl and falls in love.

                                    Here is another parent and their daughter below singing a song.
This is the story of a young women and she grows up in life and she is going to meet the boy who she should marry.
 This girl and boy are singing how they fell in love with each other which is the story of the first man and lady that had a baby girl.
                                      Here is the baby girl and the boy she falls in love with.
Here they are going to get married and life goes on! They are so Happy !!!

                              Here is the mother, daughter, and grandmother singing.
Below are some more daughters and mothers singing as life changes.

 Here is another story that goes on from this young girl left and a boy to the right.  Learning to love each other.

This is how life goes the children fall in love and then they have children and grandparents dye and then the mother and father become grandparents and children have their own children and life goes on.

                                         FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!
                This was so awesome with the Nauvoo Temple in the back ground all lit up.

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