Thursday, June 12, 2014

On the road again!!

Thursday- June 12,2014
 Today is our prep day again, it seems they come around often.  We went with the Scott's again on a trip but this time we traveled to Bishop Hill, Illinois.
We went first to this really neat Museum, called Bishop Hill Museum. Here is Elder Harris by the sign.

Sister Harris standing by the flowers at the entrance into the Bishop Hill Museum.
This is a Swedish tourist town remembering some Swedish immigrants who lived in a commune for about ten years.

Swedish people cutting and bundling wheat.   Picture to the right, the women are pulling a heavy weight to the top and then they let go and it falls and hits the post down which is under the bridge.

 The farmers are hauling hay.    Picture to the right is a picture of their homes lined up.

 Sister Scott and Sister Harris showing Bishop Hill Colony Dairying: Old Ways in the New Land.

The Colony Dairy Maids carried on the Swedish tradition of making butter, cheese, and whey cheese.

Here are the cows names on the sign at the right. I thought the cows names were pretty funny!!

Left picture is plowing and planting wheat.  Right picture is planting corn, everyone works together.
These next people are Swedish man and women.

This is a very large picture of Bishop Hill
 These two pictures are zoomed up close of the picture above.

What a picture!!!

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