Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mark's 7th Birthday

Saturday- June 7, 2014
Happy Birthday Mark Hunter Bonney on your 7th Birthday.  I received an email and this is what he said.  Mark really like to play baseball.  He played a baseball game on his birthday.  Mark hit the ball three times really good and didn't get out.  He was able to score each inning.  All three hits were one in each inning.  Mom said they were really solid hits, a double play or triple hit.  Mark's last hit made it far in the outfield.  After his baseball game he had lunch with his friend Zach.  Mark went to Chuck-a-rama.  Mark we are really proud of what a good baseball player you are.

 Mark bought a trigger happy stuffed animal and a Skylander character with the money that Grandpa and Grandma Harris sent him for his birthday.  One of them is named Stink Bomb.  Mark got a new bike.

 He got a bunch of candy, clothes and books. Mark says he likes to ride his new bike. He has learned to get on and start by himself.  He also got a Moshi Monster membership.  This was one of his best birthdays ever.  The best one was when he was turning 6 and he got to go to Disneyland.
                                                    Here is Mark with his Birthday gifts.
     What a cute Birthday Cake that Mark's mom made, Tami Bonney. We thank you for writing and sending pictures of your special birthday.  Here is a picture of the family having fun!!!
                                  Derek, Tami, Kyler, Caroline, Mark, Ken, and Brent Bonney.

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