Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trip to Iowa with Scotts

Thursday- June 5, 2014
This was our prep day: We went to the Temple at 7 am and then picked up a couple whose name are Elder & Sister Scott, we then drove to a couple of tourist destinations in Iowa.  We stopped in Boniparte where Brigham Young and the Mormons crossed the Des Moines River.
Elder and Sister Harris as we arrived at Bonaparte, Iowa.

Here is a cute pictures of sister Scott below. They are our friends and they are so much fun. Here is a sign you can read up close.

It is a beautiful spot- a quaint little town with a historic dining establishment.

We walked past this place and then to the Historical building that we ate in.  Before going in we took this wonderful pictures of the Des Moines River outside.

 This is the funniest little man's face and I wanted a picture with him.

 The sign Meek Grist Mill- 1879...was on the front of the building.

 Here is the picture of the Bonaparte Retreat Restaurant- Elder Harris and Elder Scott.  This is the story about the mill below.

Elder and Sister Harris
About our landmark...  William Meek arrived in 1836 and established this mill, and within several years other flour, grist and lumbar mills lined the river, all powered by huge water wheels on the Des Moines Settlers came to Bonaparte from as far as 100 miles away to have their grain ground into flour, and Meek's Mills and other mills established a reputation for quality.

Wagons loaded with grain and pulled by pack horses waited their turn to cross the wide Des Moines River on Meek's Ferry.  Some customers waited in line for days to have their flour processed, and with their business, Bonaparte's hotels, taverns and trading posts flourished.

Steamboats and paddlewheelers chugged up the river on their way to Des  Moines, and the first Utah-bound Mormon settlers stopped in Bonaparte long enough to have their grist processed and to build several sturdy downtown buildings.

The machine age has long since taken its toil on the little village, but the spirit and atmosphere of the past pervade the old mill as Bonaparte's Retreat yet today.
Elder Harris and Elder Scott
Here is were we had lunch. Pitiful food but a friendly waitress, but it was a historical building for sure.
Here are some pictures outside and inside the building.
In the back we took some pictures, it is a beautiful, peaceful place.

Now I want to show you the front of the place and inside the place we ate.
The building to the left is the Boneparte Retreat Restaurant.  This wall to the right you walk through to a play area and swing set, it is really cool!!

Here is where you walk up the stairs to the door and inside the door is this sign.
Here are the pictures of this cool place
This is the 1st thing you see when you walk inside!

                                                                                  These pictures are the person Bonaparte that the town is named after.   This is the man all dress up and these are inside the Restaurant.

 We were sitting at the table that was just across this wall.  Sister Scott is so cute and happy.

This really was a neat decorated Restaurant.  They had these G O's in the windows and they were really beautiful.  You can't really see on these pictures how sparkly they were.

I sure want to find some of these to bring home.  They say they are all over the Mississippi River.
                             These are the neatest lamps that are on the wall. I just loved them.

                                          This is beautiful antique furniture in the Restaurant.
                            This is an old cash register, cool huh!!  Here is the town of Bonaparte.

                                                  Here is the Post Office in Bonaparte.
  We then drove on to Bentonsport which is another place the Mormons stopped-still on the river- beautiful.                                      

This is another Bridge but is in Bentonsport.   This cute little houses is called Forever Sweet Creations & The Cottage.  This is the first place we stopped at in Bentonsport. The pioneers stopped at this place after they left Nauvoo and was going out West.   Now it is a tourist attraction with high  end stuff--pretty pricey.  Sister  Harris bought a ceramic set of  something.  I wanted a picture book of fireflies but it was 45 dollars for just a handful of pictures.  I guess when you consider how hard it is to photograph a firefly, that the skill is worth the money. 

                               This was right by the cute yellow house.  Elder and Sister Harris.

This  decorated water tank was by the Des Moines River and near the yellow Cottage in Bentonsport.
 Sister Scott, next to the cute water tank.

This was across the street from the yellow house, the Bank Building.  This was were the firefly book was.
They did have a lot of cool things you could by in the Bank.

Up to the right is the Mason House Inn.

This is were I bought some ceramic things that are Iron and Lace.  It is beautiful flowers on it that are called Iron & Lace.  We bought a card with the flowers blooming in the front of the building that I am standing in front off.  Here is the picture of the lady, Gin Lammert that painted the card called "Lace in Full Bloom." She is signing her name on the card.

This card is a beautiful painting she did, Awesome!!
I just love this Antic Furniture in one of the stores.
I guess I can't put that in the car, it was for sale.

Sister Harris by the Des Moines River in Bentonsport, Iowa.

 Sister Scott and Sister Harris by this rock that is a monument of the pioneers that came through Bentonsport, Iowa

You've seen under the bridge now over the bridge in Bentonsport and then we drove through the state park that was a truly beautiful drive.   Along the way we passed an Amish woman in a buggy and Sister Harris was so determined to get a picture as we drove by but her camera  had a dead battery.  I guess the picture was not meant to be.

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